Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cutting Obama's N$#@ off!

I am sure there is no one left who has not heard/seen/read what the "reverend" Jesse Jackson had to say about Obama when he thought the microphone was off. Seeing that, three things came to my mind:

1. Jackson says sorry and says he said those things thinking the mic was off - what does that mean? That it is ok to say things as long as no one hears them? Also, is he apologizing because he means that he is sorry or because he got caught?(I think its the latter). Would be have talked about his had the conversation remained private?

2. This is the most important take away for me. So in this tape Jackson seems livid that Obama is lecturing black fathers about being absent from their kids' lives. Jackson thinks O is talking down to blacks! Ok he has the right to get angry.....but wait till you know that Jackson had a child out of wedlock a few decades ago and apologized to the black community and to his family about not being loyal to his wife...HA! So i think all this rant was a guilt trip for Jackson and that he was taking O's comments really personally. I wonder, is Jackson's illicit child well looked after? Did he have a good childhood? Was Jackson 'present' in his life?

3. This one is also important in the present context of a new generation of voters/leaders etc. Jackson represented the past of the black movement when blacks were looked down upon and needed someone to 'fight' for them. Times are changing and blacks have taken their fate in their own hands, but the Jackson types have remained with the same mindset and misused the issue to their advantage for decades. All this would change with Obama's rise and thus would make Jackson-types irrelevant. Could it be that Jackson's real anger and fear were about his own relevance?