Saturday, September 29, 2007

Too old for 20-20? Huh!

By now everyone who knows my dear sister knows that she has become a big fan of the new version of one day(?) cricket....the 20 overs a side game! I remember during the world cup in 1996, I and my friends were watching the final match between Srilanka and Australia and our tuition sir said 'kya ye one-day cricket...asli cricket tho test cricket hain' and I remember thinking granted that test cricket is real cricket watched by die-hard fans but one-day cricket is more interesting and quick and you dont have to watch men in whites run along slowly over the course of 5 days. Of course, the fact that one-day players had colourful uniforms was an added attraction. Surely test cricket was for the oldies!
Cut to today. Shweta, who normally doesn't care much about cricket suddenly tells me over chat that she's hooked to the new 20-20 world cup! Here I am, a big cricket fan myself not really feeling excited about 20-20. 'How is a game that finishes in 3 hours, cricket? Whats the point in both teams just breezing thourgh the overs, hitting hard with no technique at all(thats my view people...dont get all jumpy on me)? Is it that I didn't like 20-20 as much as my sis because I am getting old? Like my tuition sir? Is 20-20 next-generation cricket and I am far behind in the last?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Twenty 20 IND vs PAK...the match was too gud..!!!

INDIA the world 20-20 champions..!!celebrating their victory against PAK.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kerala nostalgia

Whenever Shweta shows me her Kerala trip pictures I am instantly transported to my TCS-Initial Trianing Program(ITP) days of mid 2002. Thats when me and a 100 others were put up at this deluxe TCS executive hostel in Trivandrum for 3 months for our training. Fresh out of college and with dreams in our eyes, we instantly lapped up all the excitement and adventure offered by the place. Not a weekend went by when we didnt visit all the great places in Kerala. Starting with the 'usual' places like Kovalam and Varkala beaches to awesome treks like munnar and Thekkady to the 'romantic' backwaters of Alleppey, we saw them all and wondered at what nature had done to the place. After that experience I can safely say, and I'm sure Shweta will agree, that Kerala IS truly God's own country and I can go there bar bar bar bar..........Thanks Shwets for uploading those awesome pics.
Aside: Kerala also reminds me of those days of sleeping during the training because we were up talking all night about movies, politics, society and stuff and making fun of the trainer uncles and aunties...hahaha.....those were the days! End of aside.

water bed..too gud..!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kerala pics

My class photo..!!

Vivekananda rock memorial
in Kanyakumari.

Tea gardens at munnar.

Periyar lake.

again kanyakumari

mountain view

kovalam beach

At kanyakumari...a wonderful place!!!


Hey just wanted to tell about our traditional day in the coll..named UTSAV.It was simply gr88..enjoyed a lot..gr88 food.Got bored with same old pakau routine. So today it was so good to see everyone in colorful sarees atleast for one day we got a chance to wear a saree.
ahhh finally the point is that today we had loadss of fun...:-) ....gonna miss college life.. :-(

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The first post

Well, what is the very first post in a new blog called? The First Post ofcourse! Ok I know that was a poor joke.
So here it starts! The first ever Sisters' blog(I'm guessing there aren't any sister blogs out there in the blogosphere..atleast i'd like to claim so). I am the older one(and the old one) and the younger one is 6 years younger but we are not here to talk just about us. We are here to talk about life, school, work, movies and anything else that pops into our mind on any given day. It could be just a rant about something or something well thought about but post we will!
I shall let this post be what its meant to be, the very First Post!