Saturday, September 29, 2007

Too old for 20-20? Huh!

By now everyone who knows my dear sister knows that she has become a big fan of the new version of one day(?) cricket....the 20 overs a side game! I remember during the world cup in 1996, I and my friends were watching the final match between Srilanka and Australia and our tuition sir said 'kya ye one-day cricket...asli cricket tho test cricket hain' and I remember thinking granted that test cricket is real cricket watched by die-hard fans but one-day cricket is more interesting and quick and you dont have to watch men in whites run along slowly over the course of 5 days. Of course, the fact that one-day players had colourful uniforms was an added attraction. Surely test cricket was for the oldies!
Cut to today. Shweta, who normally doesn't care much about cricket suddenly tells me over chat that she's hooked to the new 20-20 world cup! Here I am, a big cricket fan myself not really feeling excited about 20-20. 'How is a game that finishes in 3 hours, cricket? Whats the point in both teams just breezing thourgh the overs, hitting hard with no technique at all(thats my view people...dont get all jumpy on me)? Is it that I didn't like 20-20 as much as my sis because I am getting old? Like my tuition sir? Is 20-20 next-generation cricket and I am far behind in the last?

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