Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kerala nostalgia

Whenever Shweta shows me her Kerala trip pictures I am instantly transported to my TCS-Initial Trianing Program(ITP) days of mid 2002. Thats when me and a 100 others were put up at this deluxe TCS executive hostel in Trivandrum for 3 months for our training. Fresh out of college and with dreams in our eyes, we instantly lapped up all the excitement and adventure offered by the place. Not a weekend went by when we didnt visit all the great places in Kerala. Starting with the 'usual' places like Kovalam and Varkala beaches to awesome treks like munnar and Thekkady to the 'romantic' backwaters of Alleppey, we saw them all and wondered at what nature had done to the place. After that experience I can safely say, and I'm sure Shweta will agree, that Kerala IS truly God's own country and I can go there bar bar bar bar..........Thanks Shwets for uploading those awesome pics.
Aside: Kerala also reminds me of those days of sleeping during the training because we were up talking all night about movies, politics, society and stuff and making fun of the trainer uncles and aunties...hahaha.....those were the days! End of aside.


  1. remember the waterfalls? the one we had to trek in slippery hills to reach?.. it was goad's own condry ;-)

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