Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid!

This was a phrase used by James Carville, who was advising Bill Clinton during the 1992 presidential campaign. Well, in 2008, "It's the Economy, Stupid"! And I want to say that to both the campaigns, although I want to give credit to Obama for consistently keeping the focus on the economy until this week. As soon as Sarah "Barracuda" talked about her "opponent palling around with terrorists", and the McCain campaign started slinging mud, he rolled up his sleeves and went into the mudpile with them. The day before, there was a documentary from Obama about McCain and his association with Keating in the 1980s. Then there was an ad by McCain(gosh his name is tough to write fast....m, c, c, a, i, n) that said Obama is dangerous and cannot be trusted blah blah blah! Its the Economy, STUPID! There, now its in bold and caps, will you, atleast now, talk about how you want to steer the economy when u are in office?
Will you stop talking about judgment, Israel, old associations for a minute and talk about the economy? People are losing jobs, their 401K's are losing value, their homes are losing value, there are 2 wars that are draining our resources and killing people and you are worried about who has worse friends and who asked for less earmarks?
I saw this in the VP debate too. Biden tried to talk about the economy a few times. Palin's repertiore of answers when confronted with a question was limited to "we are a bunch of mavericks", "hockey mom", "dont talk about the past" and a lot of other empty words like "like", "doggone it", "you betcha" and a few winks and creepy smiles. (Did you all hear, she says "nucular"? That reminds you of someone?). Lady, tell me what your "maverick" runningmate is going to do about the economy? He doesnt even understand his own healthcare plan. Is he taking those $5000? Can I more across statelines and avoid that tax? How? Does $5000 cover all medical expenses for a family of 4?
I think a part of the problem, my friends, is that no one is asking those questions. Yesterday's debate put me to sleep. Did the people in that room appear even remotely interested in what the two were saying? And all the media talked about was how one was hostile to the other and who won. Well, I say no one won! I say the people lost. Why? Because it is the economy, stupid!


  1. Agree totally. I ABHOR Palin- her VP debate speeches were atrocious. Do not wink at me beeyatch! And all those stupid down home metaphors and hockey mom branding phrases ugh!

    And you're right, these ppl are like "Iran needs to be controlled" yada yada meanwhile everybody is hurting financially :-p

    Although I will say one thing in Obama's defense, when Brokaw asked them about which 3 things they woudl tackle, McCain was all Um all things at once, while Obama did prioritize and mention the financial crisis.

  2. Yeah actually the 3 things prioritized question was handled better by O. He was sensible in saying we might not everything at the same time. I also liked his answer to what would Americans need to sacrifice.

  3. Today was a bad day here, Sensex nearly went into circuit as soon as the market opened. RBI cut CRR rates by 150 BPS and it kind of floated just above the circuit...looks bad. Yes, they better talk economy.

  4. IHM - Yes its the #1 problem facing people everywhere. They are calling it a depression in UK and elsewhere. Here in the US they are still not comfortable with calling it depression I guess. The Dow fell to 8000 and theres panic everywhere about how much more low it can go. I dont have a great idea of how the index affects daily life but I can already see my retirement stocks tumble.


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