Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tears......of joy or sorrow!

Last night there were tears. Tears of joy when Obama(Sorry, President elect Obama) won! People were happy ofcourse, they were on cloud nine. But they were crying. Why do we cry tears of joy? When I saw them crying and heard the speech at midnight, I could not contain myself either. I was crying tears of joy!
I cried(almost) last night when McCain said "I dont know how else we could have run this campaign. This is my failure, this is not your failure". He seemed like a very vulnerable and weak person who was feeling bad about letting his supporters down.
There are other times I have cried during this campaign. When Hillary gave her concession speech, I cried out of empathy. I could feel her pain. I could feel that she saw her long cherished dream slipping away. And even though I was excited for Obama, I cried for Hillary. I almost always cry when I hear the National Anthem, Saare Jahan se Achcha, hell, even the american anthem, stars and stripes forever.
With all my crying experience, I can say one thing, crying out of joy makes me feel very exhilirated.
It would seem like all this crying for something I have no control over, and something that I have no stake in (I am not an American), or something as intangible as music make me a crazy person!
But I am not! I am not alone. I know countless women who get emotional and cry over things that are not personal at all. On the other hand, I barely know any men who do. Is crying a woman's thing? Why do men express their joys and sorrows so differently?


  1. Oh yes women do cry! Yesterday I had a tough time hiding my welled up eyes from strangers sitting in a waiting room, where I sat & watched every moment of this wonderful speech.

  2. You bet!
    Surely hiding you tears in a waiting room is a task.

  3. I cried at each of my children's u/s. I cried leaving my friends in CO. I cried when my 4 yr old keeps screaming "I want to go back to my real home" I cried when the mom left her son in Taare Zameen Par.


    Men on the other hand are better at hiding feelings, i think

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  5. I have never seen any men I know cry(expect the ones in movies). I would really admire a man who can shed a tear.


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