Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy days...made me nostalgic...simply gr8..!!

huh after so many days iam posting something ...well thxx to my sister :-) Anyway let me start HAPPY DAYS movie was toooo gud.Everything seemed so real bunking classes,ragging etc.

After decades saw a good movie which included student(btech) life now i can say that iam PROUD to be a btech student :-)... n credit goes to shekhar(director and producer) of the movie for making such a realistic movie otherwise got tired of the K movies which included the same old boring romantic types which included SHARUKH for EX--KANK which was a big shit.

Now coming back to happy days its all about college life,confusion,ragging,friendship,love,carrer,teachers,canteen and so on...
so mainly it includes STUDENT POWER.

finally all i can say is that this movie will remind u of ur HAPPY DAYS with ur frnds..a good mvie evryone must watch it..!!!

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