Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happily ever after!

Indian news media, over the last few days, has been agog over the developments in the Chiranjeevi household, what with his younger daughter eloping to get married to her young lover. I was amazed at the media circus being played out the the expense of these families in trouble. Here is my 2 cents about the issue.
Now, I am all for the young generation in India taking their own decisions in life but what surprised me was that she had taken this huge step all of 19 years old! Then I started thinking about why she would have done that. Indian parents would never let their kids date. A relationship is taboo. A young couple in love would have to wait to reveal their relationship to their parents until they are financially/emotionally independent. If by any stroke of bad luck the parents come to know of the 'affair'(I hate that word), then the couple can do one of three things. 1. Convince their parents that both parties are 'good families' and the 'boy' and 'girl' are truly committed to each other, whereby the parents would want them to get married asap, 2. If the parents aren't convinced, elope and get married. In this scenario they would face indignation and rejection from both sides and would have to depend on each other. They would really have to understand each other and care for each other for it to work, but if unfortunately the marriage fails, there would be I-told-you-sos going around, and the girl would be doomed forever,3. If the parents aren't convinced, break up, and marry whoever the parents 'choose' for you and live 'happily' ever after!
(Don't get me wrong, I am not against love marriages(heck why would I be?) or eloping(hee hee), what I don't like is how the couple in question decides to get married really young(19-20??) or 'give up' when the going gets tough. I feel they should wait till they are of an age where they understand what it takes to be married and be really sure that they are not just 'in love' but are in sync with one another. But then that's what I think, it could be all wrong for all you know. )
Now this logic could probably not work on the 'Chiranjeevi' situation because the following reasons make the dynamics complicated:
1. there is a rich girl, poor guy situation where the guy in question has a criminal record(which could be real or fabricated)
2. the girl's family is a very powerful one.
Parts of the media project the idea that the rich family trampled on the love and the young couple HAD to take this extreme step. Some others are of the opinion(thanks to his criminal record) that the guy in question is a fraud and is only taking advantage of the poor girl and her family. We would never know the truth, but as people with feelings, we should probably leave the families and the couple alone to sort their mess out. I only pray that everything is fine and that the couple would live happily ever after.


  1. Happy days made you nostalgic? Omg! It was one overrated movie with all the unwanted hype.. Well, you check out my blog for the post, 'Happy Days'.. You need to scroll down a bit for it.. But do read it!!

    Anyways, good writing! Good luck!

  2. ""there would be I-told-you-sos going around, and the girl would be doomed forever""

    Why is it that the guys are blamed when actually both need to be blamed?

  3. bizzare kid,

    If you read carefully, this blog is a joint venture of me and my yournger sister who is 20 and its she who has gushed about the movie. I liked it in so far as entertainment goes.
    WHen i wrote "the girl would be doomed forever" I meant she would have to bear the burden of a failed marraige, irrespective of who is at fault because, weel, because women in our society cannot be divorced, else they dont get the respect they deserve. Whereas a guy would easily get away with a divorce and has a good shot at a happy life.


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