Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Egg on his face!

I am sure all my readers might, by now, have read/seen how Bush ducked and missed being hit by an Iraqi reporters' shoes. Some thoughts.
While I appreciate what feelings might have prompted the reporter to do this, what made me gape at the television was how nimble and agile Bush is. Its almost like he knew what was coming his way, not once, but twice. And did you all see how Bush smiles and how Noori Al-Maliki has no idea whats going on and no idea how to respond except put his one lazy hand up in an atetmpt to help Bush? Why did it take the second shoe for the Secret Service to come from behind the curtains? Were they waiting for one of them to find their target? It seems like in this hullabaloo, the President's press secretary Dana Perino got hit by one of the microphones that fell when the shoe hit it.
All the news channels in the US were screaming how throwing a shoe is the ultimate insult in Iraq. Well? Is getting hit by a shoe not an insult anywhere in the world? For god's sake, you are getting hit by something people wear on their foot. You tread all kinds of bad/slushy/muddy places with the shoe and imagine having some of that stuff on your face! Why did they say its an insult in Iraq? I am sure no American I know would like to get hit by a shoe. But then, politicians and media might be a different breed.

The video screamed 'Joote maaro'!


  1. I felt bad. I think we could be a little more civil, but them can't say Bush deserves civility either... mixed feelings. And American presidents have history of ducking or not ducking, wasn't there another one who said, "Honey I forgot to duck"!?

  2. I think it was Reagan who said that.

    About feeling bad, yeah I did kind of feel bad for Bush but he really had no business going into Iraq in the first place.
    Do you know that some journalist was interviewing Bush. Bush told him we(US) knew that Al Qaeda was going to exppand its network into Iraq and thats why we attacked Iraq, the journo asked 'but now with the invasion Al Qaeda' has actually strengthened in Iraq, Bush says 'so what?'
    It seems like the American presidents seldom care about what they leave behind when they attack a country. They left the guns behind for the Taliban to use, created bin Laden, were responsible for so many more civil wars all over the world and still think they are liberators!


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