Monday, January 19, 2009

Narendra Modi for PM?

While I was in India I read this news. I was horrified. Here is a man who might have orchestrated the one of the most heinous rampages in India's history and these rich men are supporting him to be the Leader of India? What is wrong with these good men? Ambani says "Narendrabhai has done good for Gujarat and what will happen if he leads the nation"..really? What will happen if he leads the nation? I do not even want to imagine the kind of relligious intolerance he would create all over the country. I wish there was some way to let these rich men know how strongly against we, the people, are of this nonsense.


  1. Many other bloggers have also written against this guy and more of us should.
    If I could choose any one person to be permanently disqualified from fighting any elections it will be Modi.

    He has created this myth that he brought prosperity to Gujarat - when Gujarat was a prosperous state all along.
    In fact he has made Gujarat unsafe for minorities - something it never was earlier.
    I would rather all our fellow countrymen LIVE, than some of us be killed or burnt - while a select few prosper.

    I hope these guys don't succeed ...

  2. IHM - Agree with you that Gujarat has always been one of the better performing states of India. Isn't it defined somewhere in the constitution(or elsewhere) that criminals are barred from contesting for office? I will pray that these industrialists' designs for Modi fail and that Sanjay Dutt is defeated in the polls this summer.

  3. and the congress for their kind act of watching 4000 sikhs killed after indira gandhis assasination...

    the 250 billion dollar MOUS is a big MYTH...where do you live jupiter?

  4. Anonymous, that was then and this is now. Besides, I am not saying congress is the best party we have. AND, no where have I mentioned that I want the congress to win. Saying something negative about a BJP leader doesnt mean I support the not make assumptions. Also, try being a little polite to people when you leave comments on their blog.


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