Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Election noises.

UPDATE: An anonymous reader pointed out that Shashi Tharoor never officially represented India at the UN and he is right. I am changing the text here to reflect that.

Election day is almost here and from tomorrow the mad voices of the politicians will be silent until the next election comes along.

Keeping with the times, I present a list of some of the more interesting things happening this election season:

  • Mallika Sarabhai against Advani from Gandhinagar is an inspiring case. She was offered support by various political parties, but chose to remain independent. She is also raising a voice against CM Modi's government
  • Shatrughan 'Shotgun' SInha vs Shekhar Suman from Patna Sahib is a very interesting contest. When asked about this Shotgun shot his mouth saying 'He is a TV artiste whereas I am a prominent name in the film world. People will compare our standing'!
  • Parties using hi tech campaigning methods - SMS, Facebook groups, tweeting etc
  • Need a few laughs? take a look at this webpage of Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi(I don't know if this is his official homepage!)
  • Govinda(Chi Chi) apologized to the people of his constituency, Mumbai North, for being inaccessible for the entire duration of his tenure. Apparently, he has done literally nothing for his people. This is the second known case of a big actor failing in politics and quitting. The Big B being the first.
  • Shashi Tharoor from Thiruvananthapuram for the Congress certainly seems very interesting. Since he has been in politics for some time(he was the UN Under Secretary General for quite some time), contesting the seat seems like a logical next step.
  • After having been the so-called Nawab of Hyderabad and being accused of match fixing, politics seems like a logical next step also, for Azharuddin who is running from Moradabad(UP) for congress!(what is it with the congress and so many celebrities!)
  • The never ending comedy that was Lucknow is finally coming to an end. Nafisa ali is the Samajwadi candidate from lucknow after the failure of SP to field Sanju baba first and Manyata-the-biryani-kabab-wife next. I guess we all feel 'Luck'y because at least Nafisa seems like a decent human being!
  • SP manifesto's main agenda this time is to get rid of english as a medium of instruction and to thwart the advance of computers in the state. Really? IHM says this in her trademark conversational style!
  • Both Varun and Rahul, it turns out, were not exactly truthful about their alma mater. Varun is not a graduate of the LSE, and bhaiya Rahul lied about what course and when he finished from Trinity College, Cambridge. It is so appalling really. First, they get into big name colleges because of their clout and money. Then they are so dumb that they cannot finish. Then they lie about it! I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of leadership Rahul would bring to the Congress. Now I am sure he is no different from the dumb netas they already have!
  • Meanwhile, Mayawati continues to wield power like never before on her home turf. I am in awe of how she has the whole state machinery and the general populace wrapped around her little finger! Must learn some tricks from her!


  1. That was a nice update on elections. Was missing the Drama by staying far.

  2. rads, I am missing all the drama too. I would've been hooked to the TV if I was in India!

  3. Sashi Tharoor did not represent India at the UN even for a day, he was backed by india to be UN SG, a race he lost.

  4. Anonymous, he did represent India as the UN Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information between June 2002 and February 2007(wikipedia)

  5. Dear Shilpa,
    Shashi Tharoor was not an Indian Diplomat either at that time or at any point in his career. he has been a UN official diplomat (
    This is his own website and would be more believable than wikipedia

  6. Anon I do not know why I am arguing with you here but I said in my post he represented India at UN and he DID. He was an Indian when he was the UN Under secretary general. For me, that is representing India. I understand that he was never 'officially' representing India but he did hold a diplomatic position in the UN for some time.

  7. Did you know that Murli Manohar Joshi "reeks" of decency. I guess he also stinks of "honesty". You made my day...

  8. WRT the comments above, M M Joshi is one of my favorites too :)

    And I feel great about Mallika Sarabhai fighting against Advani, whatever the results, I am proud of her.

    This is a great post. Let me check the links now...

  9. I took a look at the linked site reeking of decency. Thanks for the link :)
    A lot of people think Mayawati might win, because for all her faults she is one of the few who has not caused any violence against any community, even though I read on a blog that she has full support of Dalits, Muslims and Brahmins- so she is still for caste and religion, and statues and corruptions - but at least she is not preaching violence.

    And Rahul Gandhi lying is disappointing - he comes across as a decent guy, about Varun one expected that anyway.

    I have been too lazy to put up a badge on my blog, in support of Shashi Tharoor and Mallika Sarabhai...but they do seem good.

  10. I like this update. So much nicer than reading a newspaper, nevermind that I used to work for one. You should do a series... though I guess it's too late now.

  11. IHM, I was happy with the few educated and smart candidates this year. But sadly, they do not seem to stand a chance.
    The Bride, thanks a lot. Maybe I should do a weekender Indian news series! Thanks for the idea.

  12. Shilpa, I hopped from somewhere and then this post caught my attention where you mentioned two people I am supporting this time. Mallika Sarabbhai and Shashi Tharoor.

    I am proud of Mallika for choosing to be an independent and standing against a patriarch. I also hope Tharoor wins because he would be much better than the candidates of other parties from TVM.

  13. Thanks for stopping by Solilo.
    Yes I sure do hope Mallika ruffles a few feathers and that Tharoor wins. Would be a welcome change from those lazy communists!


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