Monday, April 20, 2009

Pretty always hurts!

I have a pair of pretty red shoes. The only pair of red shoes that I own. They are a moderate heel(1.5 inches) and seem to fit me well. Until I start walking in them, that is! The first time I wore them they squished both my pinky toes to a pulp in an hour. Thankfully, I did not have to walk a lot that day, and I was fine. The second time, I wore them with socks, and even though my toes felt stuffed, there was no damage. Yesterday was the third time I wore them. Without socks. I had to walk in them for a couple of blocks to our destination. And what happened? The pinky toes of both my feet were pulverized and are now wrapped up in bandages.

Any footwear that I wear hurts me. I walk with a limp. I cannot even move my toes around as that hurts them. The last time I wore them, I swore I would never wear them ever again. And yet, here I am, nursing my hurt toes, and totally embarrassed and angry at myself for having been stupid enough to believe those pretty shoes. For having been stupid enough to go for style over substance. For having been stupid enough to not have learnt a lesson.
So much for pretty red shoes!


  1. But actually why not wear the shoes only with socks? Or with band aid wrapped little toes? Now that you have them use them only on occasions where you are 100% sure you are not going to be walking ;)

    I have done all this but learnt the value of comfortable footwear after all the suffering. Mobility, easy mobility is worth living in sneakers for me :)

  2. You know, they hurt quite a bit even with reinforcements(socks, band aid), only they do not cut my skin. I am thinking I should keep to my comfy loyal ones, rather than get lured by the good-looking types!

  3. I've never been lucky with footwear bought in USA.My daughters keep getting angry with me to sticking to desi brands but I love them for the comfort they offer.

  4. I seem to have very odd feet - none of the pretty stuff fits me or I don't find them comfortable. Forget heels totally, I keep tripping on them and spraining my feet.
    I used to feel bad about my ugly feet and footwear but now I realise it is better to wear something comfortable as bad shoes can cause a lot of trouble.
    I am sorry about those pretty red shoes. But is it so tough to make them pretty and comfortable?

  5. Hip Grandma, I have had a bigger problem finding shoes that fit in India. I am a size 10/10.5 and that size market for women is almost 0 in India!

  6. Usha, me too! I am a 10/10.5 Wide! Shoes that fit me comfortably are invariably ugly/androgynous!


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