Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ban women from public places.

After seeing the way the Mangalore incident was handled by the Karnataka government, I thought nothing would shock me now. I was so wrong. Here are some words of wisdom by a member of the National Commission for Women (NCW). As expected there are some things IHM said that provoke thought.

Ms. Venkatesh is so right. Why should these women go to pubs, discos, malls and 'places like that'? Should the women not know that the place did not have a license to sell liquor? Why should they go to a place that does not have security? Did the women not know that wearing jeans and a tee is considered 'semi-nude'?

Whoever said the solution to such problems is to prosecute the molesters and bring them justice? No! So sir! The only solution to this is that women stop going to 'such places'. Ms. Venkatesh even mentions malls among the places women should not go to.
When the interviewer(Rajdeep Sardesai) asked her what if such a thing happens to someone in her family, you know what she said? 'My family women will not go to such a place!' Is that not a lesson we all women need to learn?

She met the culprits in jail and 'even counseled them', in her own words. So it is NOT the responsibility of the NCW to find the victims, counsel them, and make them feel more secure and safe, but to counsel the goons. She said "The culprits said they did not go with then intention of beating the women. They said they wanted to stop the live band and other activities that were spoiling the girls. They said the women were wearing skimpy clothes and dancing and that is the reason the incident took place. They are now repenting their actions."

Did the women not know that when some men ask them to get out of the pub they should immediately run out or risk being beaten and insulted by the men? These men have taken the 'theka' of all the women of this world, and when angered, would have to beat some sense into the women.

Finally, the lesson learnt from this incident is not that we need more laws against ill-treatment of women and making our public places safe, no! "The lesson to be learnt for women out of this incident is that we should try and safeguard ourselves," she concluded.
Ban women from public places to safeguard them.


  1. Actually they just should ban women from going out at all. And that will be the best thing for ALL women. Let us begin with Ms Venkatesh. And then proceed with the BJP women in the public eye.

  2. Why does it make me feel so good to read sensible, angry voices ?
    I think because after hearing these morons with twisted logic it is a relief to see somebody angry with the right people (criminals) and suggesting something other than us locking ourselves in our houses ...
    I am rambling because I am so, so MAD.

  3. Alankr1ta and IHM, yeah from what I see, thats the best thing to do. I almost scratched at the screen when I heard this fruitcake talk. There she is, in her banarasi or whatever saree, lipstick and pearls, taking all the freedom her job guarantees her, and talking about where women should and should not go.....the cheek of that woman!

  4. harmony and safety and are looked upon better at work, because they demanded and commanded. when a large amount of voices speak, even the deaf will listen.

    whoever that female is whom you wrote about in your comment should be beaten up by other women "talking about what woman should and should not do should be beaten up by other woman. I bet she will learn her lesson.

  5. if there is anyway to delete my last comment - please do because it does not make any sense to me !

    i am fighting the war between ie and mozilla and some buttons do not show up.

    so here goes the original comment

    you shouted at men who touched you by mistake - good for you. i did too. and for those women who told us to keep quiet give them also your piece of mind.

    bombay is much safer but one must be alert ! still. hyderabad is where i actually felt the brunt. but if some women will raise their voice others will do to.
    and as for MS Venkatesh she should pushed out of the neighborhood ( u would know that sexual offenders r not allowed to live in the neigborhood in this country )

    American woman has fought for their right to vote, has fought for to be everywhere they are now.

    i was just wondering how the hindu woman would feel if they are asked not be in public places. this is just like the fatwa that would have been ordered by the muslim priest.

    Speak up, shout yell, ambush, beat up, take a morcha, create a ruckus,

    the good girls should fight so that the bad women and bad men should not win...

    chow !

  6. Well said Anrosh. We have to make our thoughts about this known to one and all. Too long the abuse has been going on in city buses and elsewhere for people to even consider this a problem anymore. Now we all are supposed to take it as a part of life. 'Why are u making it a big deal, it has been happening forever' is what my male colleague told me once.


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