Thursday, February 5, 2009


Does this picture look weird to you?

This was taken at the Pink Panther premiere in London(Courtesy: High Heel Confidential.) The moment I saw this, I though...oh! It is freezing in London, Jaya, Abhishek and Big B are bundled up in the warmest of coats. Look at the Bachchan Bahu....


  1. What was weird to me( honestly, first reaction) was that Big B was only half in the frame. How could they, I wondered!
    Then the coats.

  2. It will look much more to our class five drop out molester sene. They will soon be asking our celebrities to cover up too ...

    Bollywood movies always have scenes in snow where the girl and the boy are rolling in the snow, boy all mufflers and jackets and girl in just a sari :)

  3. IHM - I know I always wondered about the poor girl shivering in the snow...and dancing, while the guy is all rolled and warm, and doesnt even have to show his best moves!

  4. Haha yeah that too @lankr1ta! And did you see? Big B always has this open mouthed expression like he is amazed..all the time!

  5. she does look starkly underdressed eh!! why do these people always cling on to her wherever she goes! ugh. under the guise of being 'family'. bah.

    plus i got here from asaan's blog

    145 is so not overweight for 5-8 lady ! or is it? ;p ... im 5-5 ... at 125 ... that makes me think i might be borderline overweight too then hehe.

  6. Yeah Roop, I think AB Jr and Aishwarya are old enough to have a date night all by themselves...or maybe not!

  7. Hey where did my comment go? I left one yesterday.

    I said, she didnt want to cover her dress up or something to that effect.

    Not overweight... I am sure :)

  8. Asaaan, I don't know what happened to a few comments. I replied to a comment and that vanished too :-o

    Yeah probably she did not want to cover her beautiful dress. Maybe she is wearing thermal undies ;-)

  9. the bacchans were smart in getting aishwarya as their bahu. they knew their son does not have a chance, so let's rope in the girl who can..

    somebody has to depend on the woman to walk the red carpet !

  10. Anrosh, I agree. That makes me want to indulge in some gossip, why did they oppose him when jr was seeing Rani Mukherji? They really seem like a weird family though. Get all the attention and still want more!


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