Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little joys

Isn't this the best moment in sports?

A winner consoling a loser. I cried when Roger said, 'God it’s killing me', I started to feel sad, and when he cried, I cried. I did. And did not stop until Rafa said sorry for having won! That made me smile and when I looked at the screen, this particular scene froze in my mind. A winner consoling a loser. Have you ever seen anything like this before? I have great respect for Roger's brilliance on court and Rafa's power play. But today I became a fan of these two for the emotions on court. For the largeness heart that Rafa demonstrated. It is hard to get up there and apologize for having won. Much less, when the guy you defeated cries. It would not even have struck another player(think Roddick), to go up there and say sorry and console the loser. Only a true sportsman, a true winner can do that, and Rafa really demonstrated that today. And Roger, really, showed he can be so emotionally vulnerable and show his weaker side to the world so easily. It takes a grown man a strong heart to cry in front of the world. To show that they are so emotionally overcome is not easy for men to do. And I respect Roger for that. Its hard to see a grown man cry and not cry with him.


  1. Yes!! I love and respect such sensitivity :) Loved how you have described how they felt even more!

    Beautiful post. And I agree with it not being easy for men, grown men at that, to show how they feel! Takes a lot of courage ....

  2. It was an awesome match last night - watched it with bated breath throughout.

    Thought it was so lovely for Rafa to do that.

    It was the same comment that Safina made when she beat our comeback heroine Jelena Dokic in the quarter finals and it just endeared the public to her more.

    Both Rafa and Federer are great players :)


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