Monday, May 18, 2009

Hope for India

I am happy today. Happy that divisive politics has been voted out and hope and intellect are in. I am looking forward to what kind of ministers will be included in the cabinet. I am excited that Rahul Gandhi is working his way up from the grassroots rather than land the top job. I am also happy that the likes of Modi might never see power at the National level. But more than anything else, what I am most happy about is that the Left has been left behind by us. No more arm twisting, bargaining, anti-development crap will be entertained. Manmohan Singh has been a good PM and now with this verdict, more power to him.
I think the BJP lost because it never talked about what it would do if voted to power. The only thing they talked about was what the UPA did wrong, using Modi to criticize Priyanka, projecting an 81 year old as the PM and Modi as the future of the BJP. That, I think was the biggest mistake. If they continue to project Modi, they will face a bigger loss next time.
I think the Left did so badly was because they never did anything good while they were a part of the last government. And they tried to stop the nuclear deal and caused to government to almost fail over the issue. I am sure the drama they caused, caused their downfall.
I am impressed by the way Rahul handles himself, although, sometimes he comes across as too rehearsed. I like the way he decided the INC will go it alone in UP in spite of pundits suggesting otherwise. It paid off. I like the way he praised Advani after the BJP's defeat in the 2009 elections. That shows class, and a good upbringing. I hope he, along with the other young guns, get positions of power in the NEW Manmohan Singh cabinet.
The only thing I do not like is that the PM, yet again, is not an elected representative of the people. Although the people who voted for the INC knew he was the PM candidate, he should have contested from somewhere(some strong INC constituency, is he was scared of a loss). We do not want this precedent of the leader of the largest democracy in the world being an appointee!


  1. Shilpa we are all celebrating :) The best part was the unexpectedness of it !! I was worried that we might see a Fundamentalist government or a Third Front with Mayawati as the PM!!! Thank God all that is avoided!!!
    Today the sensex closed in upper circuit twice, a thumbs up for our PM - he is my favorite and everybody is saying Congress won because of him as much as because of Rahul Gandhi.
    Congrats to us!

  2. I don't know what people see in Rahul Gandhi .Sure ,he's charming and eloquent ,which is more that what can be said about other politicians .But isn't India supposed to be a democracy ? What has the UPA lead goverment done in the past five years ? For your information ,Dr.Manmohan Singh is 76 years old ,and there isn't a big differnce between 76 and 81 .He does not have class .When Advani called Sonia Gandhi to congratulate her on her victory ,she thanked him ,and when he called Manmohan Singh up ,he did not even accept his congatulations ,which shows that he has no decency .I'd rather have Sonia Gandhi as our Prime Minister than somebdy who has no decency .I agree ;the NDA should have used a better marketing strategy .They should probably have used someone like Yedyurappa .And I personally like Modi ,since he stands for development .


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