Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The many talents of the rich and the famous!

Padma Lakshmi was(is) a model and has modeled for many top designers. She also appeared in a few movies that failed miserably at the box office. One would naturally have expected her to be active in the modeling and movie world. But she has myriad of talents. She has written a couple of cookbooks. One of them(from 1999) lists the Tamil version of curd and rice(thayir sadam) as 'Easy Exotic' food! Another of her cookbooks has pictures of her slurping the result of her cooking adventures! (Maami has blogged about this here). Most of her recipes are a twist on the traditional and the reviews are nothing great. She also co hosts a competitive cooking series Top Chef. She has just unveiled her jewellery collection too. Most of the jewellery designs are a modern take on the traditional and are nothing extraordinary. Model, actress, chef, designer, all rolled in one! Is she really multi-talented or is it a gift of her fame? A little bitchin' never hurt anyone!

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