Thursday, May 14, 2009

You bring out the Hyderabadi in me

Inspired by OJ's take on You Bring Out the Mexican in Me. It is warm but cloudy today and I miss my city more than ever.

You bring out the Hyderabadi in me.
The haus and the nakkos,
and the abbis and the hallus,
the aiseich and the kaikos in me.

Each of those times
when I see a lake and i
compare it with Tankbund,
and then rattle about when
the Buddha was submerged.
For the umpteenth time I say current for power.

You bring out the Hyderabadi in me.
When panipuri reminds you of
endless trips to the chat bandi.
When shopping means a trip to Sultan Bazar,
a little stream of water is musi and
a wide open road is Raj Bhavan road.
When an overpass is a flyover.

You bring out the Hyderabadi in me.
You have multiplexes umpteen but you are still
enamored by RTC crossroads.
The Koti, the Abids,
the Charminar and Falaknuma in me.

You bring out the Hyderabadi in me.
When you have hot sticky days and
warm summer nights.
When camping reminds you of sleeping on the roof,
and running downstairs when it rains.

The Nizams, Golkonda, Gandipet,
the Qutub Shahi tombs and Paradise in me.
The Ramoji film city, Annapurna studios,
Chilkuru and Shilparamam in me.
You bring out the Hyderabadi in me.

You bring out the Hyderabadi in me.
When everything is done hallu hallu,
the language is hyderabadi(not hindi),
Barracks is Barkas and signal is singal.
When everything in the past is parsun.

When I look back to the days spent
in my beloved city, I sigh
because everything I do today
Brings out the Hyderabadi in me.


  1. Awww love this one!!!! In fact this is just so moving...fabulous :)

  2. Thanks IHM. I do love my city!

  3. do I! How come you stopped by but didn't say hello? :)

  4. OJ! Sorry. That is the bane of my existence! I read ALL the Indian blogs(I mean ALL) in a given day but seldom comment. Should do that though.

  5. Do! I won't eat you for breakfast, I promise.

  6. A majestic city indeed..good one..


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