Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Being an older sister.

I read IHM's post on what she does not like about being a mother. It hit a sweet spot and I was smiling while reading, so much so that I 'force-tagged' myself to do a 'what I don't like about being a daughter' tag! Now I want to twist the tag a little bit and write about 'Things I love/hate being the older sister!'

There are so many wonderful things about being an older sister, but growing up, there were also moments when I felt people did things that made me roll my eyes! Now I look back at those moments with a smile and would kill to go back to those fun days.

Things I love about being an older sister
  • You are considered the coolest person in the world by the younger one.
  • She always tries to emulate your mannerisms and copy the way you dress, walk, talk etc!
  • Your input on important issues(what to wear, who not to invite to the birthday party etc) is considered the most important.
  • You are the smartest and most beautiful person in the world for you sister(and vice versa)!
  • There are some secrets that only you are privy to(God Promise etc required though)
  • If there is an argument at home, no matter what the topic, the younger one always supports you.
  • You can do no wrong according to the younger one.
  • She is always telling you that you will be fine, whenever you feel down or depressed about something(still does)
  • You always had a giggle partner when you wanted to make fun of the weird people(friends, family) visiting.
  • You are allowed to share all the jewelery, watches and clothes now whenever you visit.
  • She 'Loves' all the gifts you get her!

Things I used to dislike(but now love) about being an older sister:
  • You are always called 'tai'(older sister) by everyone(parents, grandparents included).
  • You are expected to be the epitome of good behavior. If you misbehave, the younger one does too!
  • You are required to tag the younger one along to your friends' get togethers(those were the days when the younger ones were considered pests.......sigh....not anymore)
  • You are an infidel if you support the parents when they ask the younger one to not eat the bar of chocolate because she is coughing and sick.
  • You are always expected to be more mature and understanding.
  • You were asked for Disney wrist watches and Tweety mugs as gifts, but could never share them!
Thinking of all those fun years we spent makes me smile as well as cry at the same time. Why do we have to grow up and move so far away!


  1. Love this tag Shilpa!! And I never thought of so many of these ...
    It's so true my sister added my name in all the good things to think of on a bad day :) She of course is always there in my list! She did not look up to me but (we are only one year apart)- she claimed she feels she must protect me, she was the smarter one...this post touched a chord and I am getting my sister to read this one too,... I am linking this adorable post to mine :)

  2. Thanks IHM. Yes sisters are a joy. I don't think I will have that kind of a relationship with anyone ever!


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